Bronzing, Slimming & Body Contouring

Bronzing Treatments

Not much time in your life, no problem this is the quick way to achieve an amazing tan for that important occasion.


Slimming and Body/Facial Contouring

3D Lipo+ is probably one of the most advanced treatments of its type in the fight against targeted fat reduction, cellulite and skin tightening. It’s multidimensional approach to the problem ensures that you will experience one of the most effective services of its kind available today! For more information about this cosmetic treatment, please refer to the 3D Lipo+ description page.

Velashape  III contouring and cellulite treatment with visible results in as little as one treatment! Common areas to be treated are: Bra Roll bulges, arms, stomach, waist, lower back fat, hips, bottoms, and thighs.  With the new VelaShape III you can also target the jaw line, neck and double chin areas.

EndyMed RF The EndyMed™ 3DEEP® FSR system, with an expertly designed Fractional Skin Resurfacing (FSR) hand piece and tip, enables controlled fractional epidermal skin resurfacing with simultaneous controlled and focused RF dermal heating. This combined action results in predictable and excellent clinical results, specifically: smoother, brighter, tighter skin. Importantly, EndyMed™ 3DEEP® FSR delivers these clinical results with good levels of patient comfort, and an excellent safety profile. 3DEEP® FSR – 3DEEP Fractional Skin Resurfacing provides a smoother and brighter skin surface (epidermis). Simultaneously, volumetric deep dermal heating reaches the collagen fibres causing an immediate and long term tightening effect. 3DEEP Fractional Skin Resurfacing effectively treats the epidermal and dermal skin layers for an optimal result.

 C.A.C.I.  ULTIMATE and QUANTUM  TREATMENTS Both the C.A.C.I. Ultimate and QUANTUM are non-surgical specialised face and body treatments. These treatments are recommended as a series which involve:  Microcurrent face and body toning, crystal free microdermabrasion and LED phototherapy and high frequency stimulation.