In Safe Hands

What to look for in a cosmetic laser clinic

Having decided you would like to proceed with laser treatment, be it laser hair removal or any other associated aesthetic therapy, finding the right laser clinic can be a bit of a minefield. Here at Beauty Within medi-spa and Cosmetic Laser Clinic, we believe the following are the most important things to consider when looking for a laser clinic:

1. Qualifications:

The problem:

It may surprise you to know that the majority of laser clinics receive only the basic training provided by the laser manufacturer. This training can vary from a mere 2 hours, to 2 days maximum, meaning beauty or laser clinics can start treating people having only 48 hours of laser training and experience. Even more worrying are those clinics who choose to obtain cheap lasers from China, which arrive in this country with only a ‘user manual’, and no training is provided. Some clinics will state that you will be treated by a ‘doctor or nurse’. This is irrelevant however, unless they have received extensive laser training. Being a doctor or nurse, does not make you a cosmetic laser expert.

What qualifications to look for in a laser clinic:

Always check that your laser specialist has obtained the BTEC Level 4 Professional Award covering principles of laser, light & associated aesthetic therapies, currently the highest national qualification available. All laser operators should also have completed the Core of Knowledge Syllabus (MHRA DB2008(03)

What to ask the laser clinic regarding qualifications:

When contacting a laser clinic always ask what laser qualifications they hold apart from the training received by the laser manufacturer. (Medical, nursing and beauty qualifications are all very well, but they are not laser qualifications)


2. Laser Clinic Equipment

The problem:

Having checked that the staff at your local laser clinic are BTEC Level 4 Qualified, the next thing to consider is the piece of laser equipment itself. This issue really falls into 2 categories:
Firstly: the laser or IPL itself. It’s no use having a highly qualified laser technican if they are operating a substandard laser or IPL. Many beauty clinics purchase cheap IPLs which simply do not get the same results as a medical grade laser.
Secondly, always check how many lasers and IPLs they operate. Different lasers and IPLs are suited to different skin types and cosmetic applications. If a clinic only has one laser or IPL, this is what you will get treated with, which may not be the most appropriate system for you.

What to look for in a laser clinics equipment:

Always look for a clinic which can offer you a choice of both lasers and IPLs and that these machines are ‘medical grade’ and not intended for beauty clinics.
At Beauty Within medi-spa and Cosmetic Clinic we offer a choice of medical grade lasers and IPLs meaning you get treated with whichever system is most appropriate for you, not because it is the only one we have.

What to ask about the laser clinics equipment:

Always ask:

– how many lasers and IPLs any given clinic operates ?

– Is the laser a medical grade laser? The term ‘medical grade’ is often misused by clinics. If a clinic says their laser is medical grade ask them which hospitals in the UK currently operate their laser.


3. Cost of laser treatment

The problem:

Laser treatment doesn’t come cheap. This is because the laser machines themselves, and the consumables they use (eg flashlamps) are very expensive. It is these 2 things which dictate the price for a bikini laser hair removal treatment for instance. If a clinic is offering cheap laser treatments this should be your first alarm bell. It is not unreasonable to assume that clinics which can afford to offer cheap laser treatments must be able to do so because their costs are lower, which in turn may mean they are operating a cheap IPL.

What to look for when looking at the cost of the laser clinic:

A laser clinic which offers:

– A fair price for the treatment offered

package deals earning you free treatments

– a reward scheme of some kind for your customer loyalty

– a corporate discount so you and your colleagues can all benefit.

What to ask regarding the cost:

Always ask whether your chosen clinic offers the above.


4. How do you know you are in safe hands?

We are very pleased and proud to say our recent inspection carried out by the Health Inspectorate for Wales (HIW) found no areas of non compliance.

The complete report can be read by clicking on the link below:

Beauty Within medi-spa has been registered for the use of lasers and light based treatments since January 2001. The key to finding a safe place for cosmetic treatment is to find a Healthcare Inspectorate for Wales (HIW) Registered Clinic. The Healthcare Inspectorate for Wales’s logo looks like this below:

Any provider of Laser/Light based treatments has to be registered legally with the Healthcare Inspectorate for wales and must have written permission to use this logo. The Healthcare Inspectorate for Wales (HIW) is the national assembly for Wales’s government Regulator for NHS and Private facilities offering medical, cosmetic and laser/IPL procedures. The Healthcare Inspectorate for Wales governs and inspects registered facilities. Not all facilities are legally registered. We have carried out successfully many thousands of Laser/light based treatments since registration in January 2001.