We are so excited to announce we have Dr Nancy Sharma joining our team here at Beauty Within Medi-Spa from Tuesday 25th August 2020. As well as being a registered doctor here in the UK, Dr Nancy has an MSC in clinical dermatology and has a master’s in aesthetic medicine from Harley Academy in London. Dr Nancy is an experienced non-surgical aesthetician performing advanced injection therapy.

We are proud to say we have completed our training and exams and have been accepted as an accredited treatment and
advice centre by the ARAUK (Acne and Rosacea Association UK)

The ARAUK, founded by Professor Tony Chu, aims to improve the management of Acne and Rosacea by providing the 15 million UK sufferers with accredited Treatment and Advice centres to form a patient referral network.

If you suffer with recurring Acne or Rosacea and even Acne scarring, we are here to help, as a medically lead private aesthetic clinic who have been through Post-Gad Level 7 training, lead by professor Tony Chu we can provide the correct advice and treatments to sufferers of these debilitating skin conditions. The ARAUK is sponsored by SkinMed who we have been in partnership with for over 15 years.

We are very pleased and proud to say our recent inspection carried out by the Healthcare Inspectorate for Wales (HIW) found no areas of non compliance

The complete report can be read by clicking on the link below:

Introducing our new Microblading aesthetician,
AIMEE COZENS – qualified to VTCT Level 4 – Enhancing eyebrows with microblading techniques.

“After studying at the Signature Academy, Luton and gaining a VTCT accreditation involving extensive anatomy and physiology of the skin, I believe that this technique is the most natural treatment to enhance and open up your face – it can be life changing for many people.
My only advice to people looking for this treatment is…. do your research, ask to see qualifications, look at testimonials and portfolios for evidence. This service is not regulated and there are many people performing this procedure who are not fully qualified”
What is Microblading?
Microblading is a new and updated semi-permanent makeup where, through manual process of inserting pigment into the upper layers of the skin, we create the desired fullness and shape of the eyebrows.
The effects can last up to 12-18 months depending on the skin types, after which pigment fades. The results are very natural and lifelike, giving brows a natural, fuller look.
Treatment process
Initial 30 minute consultation
A chance for you to ask as many questions as you want about the treatment, to ensure all paperwork is complete and for me to explain fully what the treatment entails. On this visit you will also have a patch test to ensure you do not have any adverse reaction to the products used.
The Treatment
This process can take up to 3 hours. It starts with extensive measuring of your face, we look at colour matching to your skin and hair, face shape and the shape of brow that would suit you. We will not perform the treatment until both you and I are 100% happy.

Consultation – FOC (15-30 minutes approx.)
First treatment – £210 which would include perfecting top up 6 weeks post treatment
Perfecting top up £50

Introducing L.E.D Phototherapy (See main page under Cosmetic treatments)

Déesse Pro LED provides a safe, pain-free way to achieve
naturally vibrant and clearer skin.
The device uses low-level light therapy (LLLT) by way of medical-grade, surface-mounted, light emitting
diodes (LED’s) to expose the skin to clinically proven wavelengths of light, delivered at safe, therapeutic doses.