Chemical Peels


Tebiskin® ‘Cytoceuticals’ are professional only innovative medical devices, researched and developed to optimise the condition and activity of skin cells.


Pre, Inter and Post Procedures

Tebiskin® treatments contain specially selected ingredients in a patented delivery technology. Prepare, enhance, treat and protect; speeding recovery and maintaining skin results with Enerpeel remodelling and treatment systems.
Tebiskin Enerpeel protocols target and control:

Lines and wrinkles (collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid renewal and protection)
Pigmentation (control of melasma, age, liver and sun spots)
Inflamed acne, spots and oily skin
Erythema, redness and thread veins
Scars, stretch marks and loose skin on the arms and legs
Sun and chrono damage supported by super antioxidant activity


Enerpeel PA (Pyruvic Acid 50% MSM 10%)

Enerpeel PA is a version of the frequently used pyruvic acid chemical peel in a patented Enerpeel skin remodelling solution. It is commonly used to treat a wide range of skin issues, including fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation issues, Stretch Marks in the “Red” phase, Loose skin inside arms and /or thighs (Bingo Wings) as well as oily skin. As it is contained in an Enerpeel solution, any redness and erythema is much less in severity and duration, compared to many other chemical peels.


Enerpeel SA (Salicylic Acid 30%)

Enerpeel SA is a skin remodeling solution designed specifically for sufferers of acne, thanks partly due to the sebostatic (oil production reducing) effect of Salicylic Acid. The solution also contains the two active ingredients that are present in Akincare – triethyl citrate and ehtyl linoleate – which were shown in a clinical trial by Professor Tony Chu to reduce the four main visible signs of acne.


Enerpeel JR (Salicylic Acid 15%, Lactic Acid 20%, Resorcinol 20%)

Based upon salicylic acid, lactic acid and resorcinol, Enerpeel JR is used primarily as a preparation peel for medium to deep peeling as seen with both strengths of Enerpeel TCA. It can also be used to treat areas of hyperpigmentation; pregnancy mask and melasmas in particular. After treatment, the skin will look younger, tighter and “fresher” than before.


Enerpeel Neck (Pyruvic Acid 35%, Lactic Acid 5%)

Enerpeel Neck is based upon Pyruvic Acid & Lactic Acid and is indicated for use on the neck, chest and décolleté to improve the appearance of age-related imperfections. One of the ingredients of Fillast, acetyl glucosamine is also present in the solution to help increase the levels of hyaluronic acid in the skin, to provide a marked plumping effect.


Enerpeel MA (Mandelic Acid 40% MSM 5%)

Enerpeel Mandelic Acid is a revolutionary treatment for reddening skin conditions and thread veins. Mandelic acid can rejuvenate and revise problem skin without triggering swelling or redness. It has vein revising properties and is being assessed as a medicine by some pharmaceutical companies for vascular medical conditions. The Mandelic acid is combined with a natural ingredient called MSM (methyl sulphonyl methane) which is a fantastic anti-inflammatory and desensitising agent which calms skin and makes it less reactive. The combination of MSM and Mandelic acid is key. These two ingredients transported deep into the skin using the Enerpeel technology offer a unique way to get control of a condition very commonly found in Celtic skin types. This course of treatment is combined with special creams which continue to boost MSM between treatments and can lead to a much more tolerable and controllable situation


Enerpeel PA/JR

A course of Enerpeel PA and JR peels can be used effectively to treat Stretch Marks in the “White” phase, and moderate to severe pigmentation, acne scarring, and photo ageing.