Semi-Permanent Make-up

semi permanent

See the difference

Permanent cosmetic enhancement is a revolutionary beauty
treatment used to define eyes, brows and lips – to give a soft,
natural finish.

At see the difference, the effect is achieved by infusing hypoallergenic
medical grade pigments into the dermal layer of the
skin, the result and colour intensity can be as subtle or dramatic
as you wish, to give a long lasting look that enhances your
natural beauty.

Why permanent cosmetics

Permanent cosmetics is becoming increasingly popular for many
different reasons. Both men and women are finding out many
benefits of permanent enhancements, whether it is because you
need to look your best at all times or through medical reasons.
Here are some of the benefits that may apply to you.

➣ Freedom from daily make up application
➣ Busy people with little time
➣ Contact lens wearers
➣ Those seeking to correct asymmetrical facial features
➣ Chemotherapy sufferers
➣ People with sparse eyebrows / eye lashes
➣ Those unable to apply make up due to physical conditions


Your treatment will take approximately two hours. It begins with
a consultation with Jacqui to discuss the range of designs, shapes
and colours available. A template is then created with
conventional make up to create different looks and colours until
you are happy with the desired effect.
Only then does the pigment infusion take place – achieved using
the Cosmedic device and medical grade pigments, which meet all
European health and safety requirements.
Immediately after the infusion your enhancement may display mild
redness and swelling which may last for up to 48 hours. The
enhancement will be a darker or brighter shade than desired for
approximately one week – gradually fading to a result which lasts
for years. A follow up session is available one month later,
paying particular attention to fine detail. This session is included
in the price. A touch-up treatment is recommended every 15 to 18
months to keep your enhancement looking fresh and natural.

About Jacqui

My name is Jacqueline Lloyd and I am a qualified practitioner of
permanent cosmetic make up. I have worked in the beauty industry
for over 20 years both in the UK and USA.

In the UK, I trained as a beauty therapist at Steiner School of
Beauty, London. I started my career as a beauty therapist at a
salon in Knightsbridge, London. After gaining experience I
returned to Wales and started my own business.

In 1987 I emigrated to Los Angeles, California and gained my
California licence to practice beauty therapy in the State of
California. I gained experience of the beauty industry in Los
Angeles working alongside a cosmetic surgeon, assisting in laser
treatments, such as hair removal, pigmentation and photo
rejuvenation and performing pre and post operative facials. I
returned to Wales in 2005, and I have taught both City and Guilds
and VTCT, NVQ beauty therapy. I have trained with Tracey
Simpson in London , one of UK’s leading innovators of permanent
cosmetics, and responsible for introducing new techniques,
systems and products to the permanent cosmetic arena, and I am
currently offering eyebrow, eyeliner – lip enhancements.
Thank you for taking the time to read my profile, please do not
hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions, or
would like to make an appointment.