Ionithermie Super Detox
ioniothermie super detox
With Ionithermie Super Detox you’re just over an hour away from a firmer, trimmer body and beautifully smooth, refined skin. Developed in France in 1979, this unique time tested treatment combines the riches of the sea with a warm, relaxing clay mask, pure essential oils and two gentle stimuli, penetrating active ingredients deeper into the skin, to target trouble spots from the waist to the knees, helping to:
Reduce cellulite
Firm and tone muscles
Lose inches
Detoxify & remineralise
Improve skin texture
ionithermie super detox
The treatment also includes measurement of your problem area both before and after treatment and a personal consultation including exercise, dietary and on-going homecare advice. Results can be seen after just 1 treatment, however maximum results are achieved with a course of 5 treatments and use of the recommended homecare. To maximize and maintain the results of your Ionithermie Super Detox treatment the following three steps are recommended.
A sensible balanced diet
Regular exercise
Correct use of homecare products

Your therapist will provide you with personal exercise and dietary advice during your treatment. However as stated above, for maximum results you should follow one of Ionithermie’s Home Care Programmes.