The Accent Radio frequency (RF) medical device is clinically tested and proven to provide the following:

  • The reduction of volume and Fat.
  • The reduction of Cellulite.
  • The tightening and smoothing of skin.
  • A direct increase in the production of collagen

radio frequency
Experience to date shows that 70 – 80% of clients will achieve at least a mild but noticeable improvement after a single treatment. In rare cases, results may approach those of surgical lifts. The application of non-ablative Radio Frequency (RF) energy is the most recent addition to the armamentarium in the war on the ageing face and body. Although Radio Frequency has been used in surgery for over 70 years, recent developments in cryogenic and computer technology have made possible the selective delivery of RF energy to the deep dermis and sub-dermal layers while protecting the epidermis. Results achieved by heating in this area causing microscopic changes and collagen contraction, with subsequent collagen remodelling over the course of several months are excellent. RF skin tightening is the first, and one of only a few ways to tighten skin in the long-term without surgical intervention and without the associated expense and down time. The procedure has an excellent safety record and clients of all skin types can be treated on the body and face without the pain associated with other RF methods currently available. Cellulite can be effectively reduced using Radio Frequency (RF) energy and is a condition characterized by portions of sub-dermal adipose fat containing tissue that migrate into and through the sub-dermal elastic tissue matrix. Cellulite appears due to the protrusion of pockets of depot fat from subcutaneous tissue through an elastic layer of connective tissue over-lying the depot fat into the dermis.
How does it work?
Facial areas usually require skin tightening rather than fat reduction (although many people do have a small fatty deposit below the jaw line). Skin tightening is brought about by using radio waves to vibrate water molecules within the tissues. This causes friction and consequently heat. Heat causes shrinking of collagen fibres which in turn leads to skin tightening. The process takes up to six months to complete and a final assessment can be carried out approximately two months after the fourth session. For body areas the requirement is usually to do with reduction of fatty deposits and cellulite. However skin tightening over the treated areas is still vital if we are to avoid skin laxity, which can occur with liposuction in clients whose skin lacks elasticity. By delivering the radio waves into the fat and cellulite in the dermis, the heat generated by the radio waves causes the fat cells membranes to rupture and extrude their contents. Shrinkage of the fat cells then takes place which in turn reduces the overall thickness of the fatty layer. The body’s own scavenging processes are used to remove ruptured fat cell contents. We recommend using our vibrostation after the RF treatment to help remove the fatty triglycerides which have been extruded from the fat cell membranes. Home exercise will also aid this process.
Can Accent treat all body areas?
Thighs, buttocks and abdomen respond well to this treatment, which tightens the overlying skin at the same time, preventing the slackened skin look which can accompany weight loss alone. Radio Frequency is also ideal for smaller problem areas such as knees and “Bingo Wings”, always difficult to tackle with diet and exercise. Eight to ten fortnightly sessions are required, depending on the severity of the problem. Improvement is seen during the course of treatment and skin tightening can carry on for up to three months following the final session.
Are the effects permanent?
Unfortunately in the field of ageing and body changes nothing is permanent. As most people realise, a face lift will usually last several years but in individuals with extremely elastic skin this can be reduced to months. With regard to facial skin tightening we feel that most clients will see improvement lasting up to two years but some will choose to undergo “top up” sessions. Body areas are different and fat cells are very unusual, in that they can swell to hundreds of times their original size so overindulgence will cause the problem to reappear, as will hormone changes and genetic predisposition. Radio Frequency can be repeated as necessary and used, intermittently, as a management system, where appropriate. If weight is kept stable then the results should be relatively long lasting.
How is the treatment carried out?
The skin is cleansed, dried and coated with oil which allows free movement of the treatment head. The head is then applied to the skin and moved constantly in order to disseminate the heat evenly across the whole area. The skin temperature is monitored with a digital thermometer and the aim is to keep the skin surface at approximately 40 degrees or just above. Occasionally “hot spots” develop but these are transient. It is very important that the client avoids all products with a diuretic, or water shedding, effect for 24 hours before treatment. This includes tea, coffee, coca cola, red bull etc. Water should be drunk in plentiful amounts prior to treatment to ensure good tissue hydration.
Radio Frequency (RF) can be combined with ilipo for even better results